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Welcome to Ave Maria Pastorate

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Priests of Ave Maria Pastorate 

Mass Times & Confession



Weekend Mass Times

Sat 4:00 pm*

(even numbered months)

Aug, Oct, Dec, Feb, April, June

Sun 9:00 am

Sun 11:00 am

Daily Masses
Tue 12:10 pm
Wed 8 am
Thu 8 am 
Fri 9 am (School Mass)
Sat 8 am 

(1st & 3rd Saturdays only) 

Confession Times

After Daily Mass Tue-Thu

Sat 3 - 4:00 pm

(even months only)

Or by appointment

Holy Name

of Jesus

Weekend Mass Times

Sat 4:00 pm*

(odd numbered months)

July, Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May

Sun 8:30 am

Sun 10:30 am

Confession Times

Daily Masses
Tue - Fri 8:30 am 

Fri 8 - 8:20 am

Sat 3:00 - 4:00 pm

(Odd Months Only)

or by appointment

Holy Rosary



Weekend Mass Times Until Jan 1st, 2025

Sun 8:30 am Florence

Sun 11:00 am Kranzburg

NEW WEEKEND MASSES Beginning January 4&5th, 2025
Sat 5:30 pm
Holy Rosary, Kranzburg
Sun 8:30 am
Blessed Sacrament, Florence 
Daily Masses
Tue 8:30 am Florence
Wed-Sat 8:30 am Kranzburg

Confession Times

Sun 8:00 am Florence

Sun 10:30 am Kranzburg

St. Mary 

St. Michael

St. Henry

Weekend Mass Times Until January 1st, 2025

Sat 5:00 pm

Jul & Dec in Clark

Aug & Sep in Bryant

Oct & Nov in Henry

Sun 8:30 am 

Jul & Dec in Henry

Aug & Sep in Clark

Oct & Nov in Bryant

Sun 11:00 am

Jul & Dec in Bryant

Aug & Sep in Henry

Oct & Nov in Clark

NEW WEEKEND MASSES Beginning January 4th&5th 2025 
Sun 11 am St. Michael, Clark
No Weekend Mass
St. Mary, Bryant
No Weekend Mass
St. Henry, Henry
Daily Masses
Mon 8 am St. Mary, Bryant
Wed 9 am St. Michael, Clark
Thur 7 am St. Mary, Bryant
Fri 8:30 am St. Henry, Henry
Sat 8 am St. Mary, Bryant

(2nd & 4th Saturdays only)

Confession Times

30 minutes before Mass

Happening in our Pastorate


Fr. Shaun Haggerty - Pastor

Stay up to date with what is going on in Ave Maria Pastorate which is the family of seven Catholic Parishes: Holy Name of Jesus & Immaculate Conception of Watertown; Blessed Sacrament of Florence; Holy Rosary of Kranzburg; St. Michael of Clark; St. Henry of Henry, and St. Mary of Bryant.


Weekly Bulletins

Weekly Homilies 

Monthly Videos

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